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Like A Boss

by Megan Mckenzie on August 02, 2018

Well, I have finally learned that it is okay to be out of balance at times. If you are constantly striving for balance, you are not able to focus on what is most important to you at the time. For a while, it was very important that I focused on my health. In this instance, both the home and work life were impacted. However, I needed to get healthy in order to continue being a wife, mom, employee and friend. Now that I am doing better, I need to lean into work more but I also make sure I take time to disconnect and spend time with the family. There are still days where I feel that I do not have my act together, but I am getting better.

I know I started this journey to empower working mommies to live their best life. I planned on writing about how to achieve work-life balance. However, here I am telling you that you cannot have balance in your life. While I am admitting to this, I am not saying you can’t be happy.  Today, I am happier than I have ever been in my adult life. I feel that if you acknowledge that life is not always going to be in balance, you will also be happy. When your heart is telling you to lean into family, you lean into family. If it is crazy at work and you need to lean into your career, it will make the time with your family all the more meaningful to you when things settle down.

There are going to be days or even weeks in which you feel like you are juggling too much. In those times, you need to evaluate what is most important to you. Notice I said you and not others! You may need to drop a few balls in order to properly juggle the ones you need (and want) to keep in the air.  That is okay!

These days, I am focused on mastering the art of work-life integration.  I am still a work in progress as I continue to navigate through uncharted territories both at home and at work, but I am getting better every day.

How about you?  Have you given up on the work-life balance hype?


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