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My Daughter and her bin of socks

by Megan Mckenzie on May 27, 2018


Simply Kali



Today was a trying day for me and to see this sweet baby girl just dump out all of her socks right before bed almost sent me over the edge. Funny enough I just sat there and looked at her while she did it and handed me 1 by 1 every sock that she dumped so I could place them on the bed. Once every sock was handed to me she looked at me and Said up so I would help her on the bed so she sit on them and roll around. All I could do was sit there and Laugh. This sweet baby girl was just doing what she does best! Having Fun! 

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in all the trials of our life that we forget to see the small things that make us happy or even just smile. When I sat there and looked at her I found a peace inside me that was over filled with joy. I could have gotten mad that it was 9:30 (past her bed time) and I would've had to clean this mess up or the fact that she wanted all of them on the bed!! I wasn't mad at all; my daughter was happy over something as simple as a bin of socks on the ground.

Almost every day for a month my silly daughter will take that bin out with her socks and just sit.Then everything that is on the ground next to her will be squeezed into the bin with her as well. From shoes to keys you name it she puts it in the bin and sits on it!. I look at her like doesn't that hurt your butt I don't know where kids get these ideas from but it is hilarious. 

As a single mother I know the struggles of not having a moment to yourself or even have a clean house all the time. We must look at the bigger picture of letting somethings go and just enjoying the moments of our children. I know some days are harder than others but, in the end, it is not worth taking away the joy they have. It is all about teaching each other. Some days it doesn't feel like my daughter is almost 2 it feels like she has been here a long long time! So, I must step back and reevaluate some situations because she doesn't understand what is going on.

Love and hug on your babies because they are a blessing even days they drive you crazy!! My daughter is the best thing that has happened to me chaos and all. Lol don’t get me wrong there are days I want to pull my hair out but that is human nature. Even with the help I get for my daughter being a single mother isn’t easy and not what I signed up for but in the end my daughter has been the greatest achievement of my life and honestly, I don’t know what I would do without her. So, the days you just feel like crying and think why me or why did I get put in this situation know you have this sweet child looking up at you. Here’s a little secret they already love you and look up to you even if they don’t know what it means yet you can feel their love! The best feeling in the world and that makes EVERYTHING worth it!!

Laugh at the small stuff and pick your battles there will be many on your journey but when we can sit back with our kids and just have a great time those are the memories and bonding you are making. We are all in this together. If you ever need a lending ear I am here taking this crazy ride with you!!





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