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My Picky Toddler

by Megan Mckenzie on July 04, 2018

Picky Eater


When I was pregnant with my daughter I thought I was going to be the best stay at home mom and I would get her to eat so much healthier than me. I’ve always had some extra weight that I didn’t like and I did not want my daughter to follow in my footsteps. I was going to get her to be an adventurous eater and really enjoy different foods. Its funny how we can have all these great thoughts and images and lol life happens and they don’t turn out that way at all. My daughter is worse than me about being picky it’s HORRIBLE. I battle with this daily and think I’m running out of options. Pinterest has been my best friend for tips and tricks but I still hit road blocks. Trying to get creative with her food is hard and getting her to eat vegetables is nonexistent. The only thing vegetable related food she will eat is cauliflower tots and she devours them (but gives her a lot of gas) but I am happy she eats them. She is a lover of pasta so I give her Veggie pasta instead. I just take baby steps with her and hope that she will outgrow this.

Every child is different I do know that so mommies don’t be so hard on yourselves if things don’t work out the way things are planned. Sometimes to save your sanity you just go with the flow. Know that you are doing the best that you can for that moment and keep striving to take things day by day! Nothing will ever be perfect but if you keep trying some things will eventually stick and you will be so excited and then try something new for the next time it’s a cycle and once you figure it out it will be the best decision ever to keep going. Remember you got this and you are not in this alone. Take this journey with me and I will update on what works and what doesn’t. Trust me it won't happen over night but every step will get you closer.


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