Barron's MAT, 11th Edition Miller Analogies Test (Paperback)

Barron's MAT, 11th Edition: Miller Analogies Test (Paperback)

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Withdrawn Library book in Very Good Condition-Stamps on the inside 

This updated manual prepares prospective test takers for success on the MAT, a timed word-association test that is widely used to screen applicants to graduate level academic programs. The MAT is also used as a placement exam for management positions in many businesses. The book's main features include:

  • A diagnostic test and ten full-length practice exams
  • Self-scoring answer keys following each test
  • Approximately 1,300 additional practice questions with answers
  • Advice to help test takers solve analogy problems

    Helpful brush-up check lists cover graduate level vocabulary with brief word definitions, selected foreign words and phrases used in English with their meanings, and names of important persons in history, science, technology, and the arts that test-takers should be able to recognize.