Scholastic Discover More: Rainforest Flexibound

Scholastic Discover More: Rain-forest Flexi-bound

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A comprehensive modern reference book all about rain-forests for confident readers.

This book is far more than a collection of bugs and butterflies. It explores rain-forests by continent, so the young reader gains first hand experience of the contrasts between the flora and fauna of South America, Africa, and India. It introduces indigenous people who reveal age-old secrets of survival in the forest. It explores how rain-forests are exploited for every day products in everyone's homes. The latest research reveals newly discovered creatures unique to this book, and the current threat level to our planet as we continue to destroy Earth's most diverse habitat. Fantastic photos, structured layouts, and age-appropriate vocabulary entice newly confident readers into the world of information books. Data boxes, maps, and stats encourage related numeracy and science skills. Vetted by literacy expert's