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Her love for Books

by Megan Mckenzie on July 19, 2018


My daughter bless her heart is such a free spirit and I absolutely love that about her (most days). She tends to be a bit all over the place but 1 thing she will always stick with is her love for books. Being that she as 22 months old or I’d say almost 2 she absolutely loves books and usually brings them with her where ever she goes. EVEN to bed but I don’t say no because I think its an amazing site to see. I have never been big on reading and I’m a show me and I’ll do it kind of person. So, the site of her just sitting there looking at and comes to get us to read to her just melts my heart. The minds of these kids are so open and absorb anything that I do my best to make sure that she gets started off on the right foot. Though I know some days are harder than others to stay on track just Keep up the good work mama’s you’ve got this!


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